Special Brake Discs

Street bikes products, above all the racing ones, require a very high f precision level in the production processes. Newfren brake discs developed for Moto3 and Pre Moto3 applications, thanks to a production process that makes the most of high-quality manufacturing Precision so that can guarantee a high level of performances.
The brake discs rotor is made of heat-treated AISI 420 steel and the spider in AISI 420 steel or in Ergal 7075T6, anodized.
The laser-cut AISI 420 steel rotor is heat treated then painted and ground using the process of vertical grinding that guarantees compliance with the very restricted tolerance parameters.
The Ergal spider is made of 7075T6 alloy and anodized. The bobbins that join the rotor with the spider are machined from solid in Ergal 7075T6 and hardened with hard oxidation 50μ.
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