Key of understanding for the versions and their composition.


Newfren clutches offer long life, performance, and excellent reliability under all conditions.   Centrifugal clutches are available for all the popular scooters.   The standard version has springs which are completely interchangeable with the OE spring. These will often resolve a problem reported by customers, for which a solution has been found by Newfren, and incorporated into the revised spring specification.


With their improved performance as compared to standard clutches, Newfren Racing centrifugal clutches are also available for the majority of 50cc scooters.   In this version, the spring winding and load differ from OE, and the friction material offers enhanced heat resistance.  Before fitting, you should check that other parts affected (rollers, return springs, exhaust, carburettor, etc.) will be compatible with the increased performance which will be achieved.


We offer replacement housings for all popular scooters, which are completely interchangeable with OE. Given the critical nature of scooter clutch assemblies, we recommend that you change the clutch housing when you change the clutch mechanism. For this reason, we offer kits comprising the centrifugal clutch plus the housing.


Available only for Piaggio Vespa models, these complete clutches are interchangeable with the originals, offering reliability and top performances.