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Newfren has decided long ago to certificate its production systems to answer to customers’ needs according to ISO 9001 rules.

What is the ISO 9001?
This rule settles the requirements of a management system to certify the quality for an organization. The monitored requirements are of a general nature and can be implemented by any type of organization; last revision in September 2015 (ISO 9001: 2015). The ISO 9001 is the reference standard for those who want to submit their production process to quality control, starting from the definition of the requirements, expressed and not, of the customers and coming up to the monitoring of the entire production process.
The customer and his satisfaction are at the focus of ISO 9001; every activity, application and monitoring of activities and processes aimed in fact at determining the maximum satisfaction of the end user.

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brake pads ece R90

What is the ECE R90-02 standard?
As of November 2016, the ECE R90-02 standard stipulates the homologation requirement for replacement brake pads for newly registered vehicles.
Newfren took an active part in the drafting of the new regulation by participating in the working group whose representatives worked within the European economic commission for the United Nations.
The construction of regulations that protect consumer safety is a step forward in the sector, in which Newfren believes deeply.
All homologated products are recognizable by the homologation code that will be marked on the products and on packaging.
Newfren's range of brake pads, unique for the presence of the colored Functional Layer, has been fully homologated for all compounds intended for road use.made in italy