Newfren was established in Turin in late 50s when Alessandro Barbero, a great lover of the two-wheels, started the resoling of the brake shoes. 
Alessandro Barbero was a creative person who was always looking for new ideas to offer a more efficient service to his customers, so he discovered a revolutionary new glue that would have changed forever the brake shoes production.
The glue replaced the rivets for fixing the friction material on the casting of the brake shoes, and A. Barbero installs the first gluing station in Europe. Evolves and improves, thanks to the construction of industrial machinery developed especially for this operations, the production process by introducing the grinding with the open tumbling shaft.
Patented the new anti-water friction material for brake shoes. Motorcycles in the 60 / 70s were equipped with cast iron brake discs and the first brake pads entered the market; Alessandro Barbero therefore decided to introduce the production of the back-plates.
When the first range of Newfren brake pads was launched on the market, Alessandro Barbero and his son Valter Barbero began to study Newfren brake disc range which was first in cast Iron and later in steel.
In the early 2000s Newfren expanded its production facility by moving from the city of Turin to Cirie industrial area, where today covers an area of 10,000 square meters. The son Valter Barbero carried on the project of modernization of the supply chain and introduced IT systems to support production and goods handling.
On the other side Newfren decides to open a production plant in Tunisia. This plant is dedicated just to the production. It has a surface of 3.000 square meters where we assemble the semi-finished products shipped from Torino.
Creativity, reliability, high quality Made in Italy and look to the future, are the characteristics that distinguish the historical brand of the Barbero family.