Os discos de travão Newfren são fabricados em aço carbono com tratamento térmico especial. De acordo com o tipo de disco e as exigências de produção são usados moldes ou sistemas de corte a laser. É dada grande importância ao acabamento final do produto para assegurar o paralelismo do rotor do travão (para o qual oferecemos tolerância minima) de forma a conseguir um bom fluir da roda. Obterá uma travagem modelada e progressiva. Claro que poderá atingir o topo da performance, instalando pastilhas de travão Newfren que estão disponiveis em compostos organicos e sinteticos.





The fixed brake disc can fully replace the original. It is usually fitted on the rear wheel of motorcycles or, in case of less recent models or scooter also on the front wheel. Newfren offers the complete front and rear range and assures high performances.



The floating brake disc offers high performances thanks to the heat-treated material and it offers the best result in combination with Newfren brake pads. The peculiarity of the floating brake disc is the rotor which is unlinked from the central hub (it freely moves on Ergal 7075 mounting buttons machined from solid, anodized and heat treated). This system highly reduces the stress of the disc therefore the wear. Moreover, it offers a better disposal of the heat, thanks to the easy brake rotor adjustment. The optimized cooling, given by this system, avoids brake pads moving back inside the caliper, during long descents or steep track. The Ergal 7075 hub is machined from solid or made by Steel.



The Off Road floating brake discs are available in oversize version, 260 mm and 270 mm with braket made of 7075 CNC machined and anodized.



Newfren brake disc Vintage has a special own design and it has the peculiarity of the surface heat-treated, guaranteeing high performance above all with Newfren brake pads. The floating Vintage disc has a drilled rotor unlinked from the central hub (it freely moves on Ergal 7075 mounting buttons machined from solid, anodized and heat-treated). This system reduces considerably the stress of the disc, improving the durability and the heat dissipation, thanks to the easy brake rotor adjustment. The Ergal 7075 hub is machined from solid. The rear brake disc is fixed with a heat-treated drilled rotor.


oe-design BRAKE DISCS

Newfren brake discs are made of AISI 420 heat treated steel. The look of the OE-Design line starts from the desire to respond to the request of customers who want to keep the aesthetic shape of the OE product. The discs are laser cut, heat treated and grinded so that the product can reach the maximum of Newfren quality standards. A protective coating ensures that the slots and the parts not exposed to rubbing remain intact over time. An OE disc designed but entirely produced in Italy and handled with the same care that Newfren has always dedicated to high level products.